EXCLUSIVE Sun Genam ‘Pinski4ex’ [Something Happening Somewhere]

Releasing music with an experimental touch is what one can expect from a Sun Genam release. The Berlin-based artist, whose roots and history with electronic music lay in the Dutch electronic music scene, yet does not want reveal a real name. But in the end it’s about music anyway and not the name. Sun Genam’s four tracker, which goes by the name ofAexion, focuses on a more abstract outline or approach with pads and sounds buzzing around creating a mystery that’s as mysterious as the secret behind the artist moniker. Pinski4ex is no exception: a dull almost wooden sounding bass establishes an almost tribalistic backbone of the track that is enriched with metallic-sounding elements and few vocals that culminate in a mechanic climax as the organic bass-note seems to become one with the machines and serves as the heartbeat of the track.

Sun Genam’s EP Aexion will be released on Something Happening Somewhere on March 5th, 2021.

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