EXCLUSIVES Modex ‘X-Caliber’ [Polarity Records]

Berlin-based artist Modex delivers the next EP on Luca’s and Gäbrø‘s Polarity Records. His Swing Shift EP contains altogether four tracks which feature influences from various electronic music genres like House, Techno and Trance and unite those partly contrasting directions in a homogenous output that clearly has Modex’s signature sound written all over. Known for co-running Foundation with his partner in crime Matthias – the producers also released a collaborative EP named Prologue in 2017 on the label – Modex delivered a solo follow-up, Monologue, the year after and spoilt vinyl lovers with his four tracker A Disturbance In The Field on Paris label Into The Deep in 2019. Now it’s time for Modex to shine with Polarity Records’ fifth release and come in with fresh and timeless cuts. X-Caliber, the EPs A1, captures or rather unites everything a track needs in order to capture a crowd. With a driving thriving lush bass line, bleepy and contrasting deep almost creaking chords as well as spacey pads X-Caliber imposingly seizes the artists’s idea of bringing together the initially musical influences in one track to create a piece that has no equal as the carefully chosen sounds and arrangement of them are unique in their wholeness.

Modex’s EP Swing Shift will be released on Polarity Records on March 15th, 2021.

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