EXCLUSIVE Edward Norton ‘Heaven’s Gate’ [Superluminal Recordings]

Matthias owned label for sophisticated electronic music or the source of musical enlightenment Superluminal Recordings celebrated its fifth release Crimson Legacy by Edward Norton at the end of the last year with the artist delivering four tracks that portray the beauty of skillfully mixing various influences that range from Trance to Italo Disco over to House. The B1 Heaven’s Gate smoothly combines the aforementioned attributes and guides the listener through a firework of vintage chords over what one can call a proper House bass line. With synths bleeping in the for- and background and Norton’s ability of creating the perfect symbiosis and balance Heaven’s Gate seemingly does what it suggest: it opens what one wants to experience, House Heaven and with the repress of this around the corner, it should not take too long for one to enter.

Edward Norton’s EP Crimson Legacy was released on Superluminal Recordings on December 15th, 2020.

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