ART:CAST #105 by Eden Burns

Hailing from New Zealand, Eden Burns is one of the artists who has steadily gained more and more recognition within the electronic music scene – quite rightly. With releases on Optimo and Public Possession the blithe spirit made artists notice the quality of his inimitable groovey music, which seems to be a positive highlight in these times. Most mentionable are his recent EP Big Beat Manifesto Vol. II, which includes Invercargirl and 22 Dance Demo, and his remix for Berlin-based Aussie Bell Towers’ track Maybe We Can Work It Out. It’s this easiness and simplicity in his music – not to mix up with triviality – combined with intriguing chords and lush bass lines that makes any dance floor worshipper feel heard or relegated to a time when this was reality. And despite most club around the globe being closed Eden Burns chose exactly this approach to make music, designed for people joining each other on the floor and around, be heard again as he comes from a country where all this is possible and gives people a reminder of what they might be able to experience soon again – hopefully. Consequently Eden Burns’ art:cast is a melodic hope, provided with a feel of nostalgia for many, of carefully compiled and mixed music that is needed in order to remember the beauty of a collective dance experience.

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