EXCLUSIVE fourthlake ‘Weit (Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert L’Esperanza Remix)’ [Facetten]

Kiel producers Christoph and Christoph better known under their fourthlake moniker make their Facetten debut with their track Weit. The duo from the Luna Club orbit basically have their second coming as their take Creeping Sadness was part of Facetten Vol. 3, a compilation which was originally released on the Facetten mother label Empore and led to the founding of the sub-label. Their Weit single contains, except of the original version, a remix from Berliners by choice Iron Curtis and Johannes Albert – the two gentlemen of the electronic music scene. The Johanneses, Iron Curtis’ and Alberts real names, create a spheric almost mystical deep tune, whose timeless, dreamy and stalagmit-esque soundscapes drip over a soothing bass line that smoothly serves as a companion for the musical or rather the synth-influenced topping of the track making Weit sounding even more distant from common and trendy sound-features. Quite a classic already!

fourthlake’s Weit single will be released on Facetten on February 26th, 2021.

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