EXCLUSIVE Prace ‘Tempo’ [Mawimbi Records]

The Dutch electronic music scene has become famous for extravagant and extraordinary sound experiences with various influences from different cultures and genres. Speaking of the latter, it’s Utrecht-based artist Joram Kroon under his Prace project who is about to release his Amazigh EP on Mawimbi Records, an EP consisting out of four cuts that tackle the endeavor to give rise to the artist’s Moroccan influences. Taking up pace it’s the EP’s second track Tempo that covers the artist’s vibe and thrive of creating dance floor oriented music that is raw and edgy. The Dubstep-ish partly Dancehall-esque seemingly backbone of the track combined with Moroccan flute-sounds and vocals has Prace’s audience experience not only new sound-compositions but makes one witness something outstanding and new in electronic music.

Prace’s EP Amazigh will be released on Mawimbi Records on January 22nd, 2021.

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