EXCLUSIVE Impérieux ‘Smooth Skinned Prince’ [Isolate]

Berliner by choice Impérieux returns to Isolate and contributes his track Smooth Skinned Prince to the label’s Mutations series – meant to give music from fresh and aspiring artists a home. However, with Impérieux still sounding fresh the artist surely has left his mark and overcome the status of an aspiring producer in the scene: releases on Marcus Worgull’s Chorus imprint or Innervisions speak for itself. His Smooth Skinned Prince take for Mutations III comes in with frisky eastern strings, vintage squeaks and could be the follow-up of Impérieux’s Stopped Growing for a Year. The intriguing nostalgia, a trademark of the artist’s productions, probably hits the zeitgeist of recurring thoughts of a better past than a pandemic present.

Mutations III will be released on Isolate on January 22nd, 2021.

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