EXCLUSIVE S3A ‘Law & Panic’ [Community Center]

After Pasteur & Tsy’s Maximal Dance EP Paris based label Community Center extends their catalogue with four delighting tracks from S3A, also known as Sampling As An Art. Having built up a reputation with both, DJing and producing over the past years, the Parisian artist can call labels like Crystal Grooves, 4lux Black or Dirt Crew home for his sample heavy soul infused house-tracks. This time though S3A’s followers are redeployed to the club, the dance floor and witness a mixture of breaks, rave and (old-skool)HipHop samples making one instantly move to rav-ish underground vibes. Law & Panic‘s shuffled drums as well as charming yet winding synth melodies are a perfect (ex)sample of how to re-arrange influence elements and sounds from various genres to make it to one piece of music without crossing the thin of line of becoming another forced take.

S3A’s EP The Ravist will be released on Community Center on February 12th, 2021.

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