EXCLUSIVE Nowheretobefound ‘Existence’ [PETS Recordings]

Having made a name for himself in the Drum ‘n’ Bass community, Polish artist Adrian Rybka now leaves his footprints in the shimmering House/Techno-scene with his debut five tracker Arrival on PETS Recordings. Not only does Rybka blend various styles and influences, with the ‘arrival’ of the EP he also appears under his new alias Nowheretobefound – or as he put it: “it’s an outlet where Garage, House and Techno slowly melt into and influence each other.“ Exactly does he do so with his approach on Existence. The third track on the EP and probably the most spaced out and drum’n’bass-esque take on the EP, takes the listener back toAdrian’s past preferences, still capturing the newly discovered spirit in terms of sounds and blending those skilfully with each other.

Nowheretobefound’s EP Arrival will be released on PETS Recordings on January 15th, 2021.

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