EXCLUSIVE M. Vaughan ‘Timshel (Jonny Oso Remix)’ [Super Tuff Records]

As people are waiting for M. Vaughan to drop his debut album True Life in early 2021, the artist teases us with remixes of his works from a pile of producers from NYC to the Dominican Republic, who took on remix duties for some tracks of his LP. Former Brooklyn based artist Jonny Oso adds his touch to Timshel and turns the track into a darker and spaced out version with an intriguing Breaks-influenced note that moves back and forth in its deep vibe and pulls its listeners right into the Oso-groove. The almost five minute lasting out-of-space journey connects several (musical) worlds and times yet comes in with a quite classy sound selection and structure that’s smoothly arranged to jump from broken beat to hyper-intense chords.

M. Vaughan’s True Life (Remixes) were released on Super Tuff Records on December 4th, 2020.

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