EXCLUSIVE Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbé ‘Dune’ [Feines Tier]

Cologne based label Feines Tier kicks off 2021 with a collaborative five tracker from Dominik Marz and Yannick Labbé namely referring to Frank Herbert’s Dune (cycle), which will as well as the EP be released this year. However, Labbé and Marz’s approach shows that the duo has no spanner in the works but soaks its audience right into the action and making it hard to get out of this quicksand. Glitchy out of space chords over a lush yet raw and creaky bass line inspire any legwork on bending dance planks. Labbé irresistible drive of creating rolling vintage-sounding bass lines and Marz’s instinct of writing synth-lines makes Dune the floating sandy take one wants to hear when things get mad in the live-streams and dance floors.

Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbé’s EP Dune will be released on Feines Tier on January 9th, 2021.

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