EXCLUSIVE Pale Blue ‘Silver Tears’ [2MR]

Bringing their messages in an honest manner through, it’s New York-duo Pale Blue delivering their contribution to the strange year of 2020. Written during the first quarter of the quarantine Liz Wight and Mike Simonetti teamed up under their nostalgic melodic alias Pale Blue and wrote a song about what moved and inspired them to write Silver Tears, a track from the golden 20s of the century.

Every day I thought about death, death caused by the virus, death caused by white supremacy, racism, violence, death by transphobia, homophobia, inequality, and all of it put me in a dark place, where I was desperate for some sort of hope. Mike’s dad had just passed away during all of this and it’s devastating to think about all the people losing loved ones who aren’t able to be there during those final moments due to covid-19. When I was writing this, I was trying to make sense of it all, but I still can’t. I used to take solace in the love I had for my city but all of a sudden, I didn’t feel safe because of people’s disregard for spreading this virus. So, to cope I reflected a lot on the people I love and tried to strengthen those connections… it’s all I could manage to do to deal with so much hate but honestly at the end of the day that isn’t enough.“ – Liz Wight

Along the original track comes a remix from Simonetti’s long time friend and collaborator Monty Luke. The both, Monty and Mike, released a record together under their Billions and Billions moniker way back in 2012. Calling Monty one of his favorite producers, it does not surprise that the Black Catalogue label head took on remix duties with pleasure.

Pale Blue’s EP Silver Heart is out on 2MR Records on December 4th, 2020.

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