EXCLUSIVE: Brother Nebula ‘The Physical World’ [Legwork]

Hiding in the mist it’s Brother Nebula’s return on London-label Legwork with nothing less than his debut album The Physical World. After a short hiatus crowned with his four tracker Going Clear on Nick Höppner’s Touch From A Distance, the untouchable artist has compiled nine tracks for the physical world. In Brother Nebula’s ghostly world he welcomes deep pads which simply slide over a break-esque bass line as smooth as Slimer lets villains slip over his green goo. With the album but especially with the title track The Physical World Brother Nebula created the legend or maybe the expectations of a new wave of timeless break-influenced music: intriguing almost hypnotical bleeping chords soak the listener right into the artist’s approach of designing or portraying the physical world with an on-going but slightly changing loop and the initially mentioned chords that are exchanged shortly at the end with a sequence of slighty deeper notes ringing in the finale of this masterfully arranged and worked piece of music. Welcome to the real physical world of Brother Nebula.

Brother Nebula’s LP The Physical World will be released on Legwork on December 4th, 2020.

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