EXCLUSIVE STATUE ‘Fragile’ [Revolver Upstairs]

Australian artist STATUE returns to Revolver Upstairs to contribute his take Fragile to the 13-track comprising label sophomore compilation As We Now Know. Again, as earlier this year, STATUE delivers an intriguing Deep House track that easily connects to his track Touch, which was co-produced with Tunnel Signs and also released on Revolver Upstairs. With spooky sounds flattering the track’s wobbling bass line it is the track’s chord sequences in a piano-esque glitch-manner that makes the listener feel as if Pac Man mutated to one of the three ghosts chasing the chords through a sound scenery or rather a fragile mind waiting for moments of letting go. Dedicated to more clubbier times Revolver Upstairs’ compilation covers music that can easily make a difference on the floor with STATUE’s track being solid as a rock.

Revolver Upstairs’ compilation As We Now Know will be released on December 11th, 2020.

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