EXCLUSIVE Haider ‘Too Close’ [Aus Music]

Steelmekker and Berliner by choice Haider returns to Will Saul’s Aus Music label with a revealing three tracker called Dance Now, Cry Later. The EP does, as the EP’s track title suggests, aim to be played out loud on the dance floor, carrying a deep note within those chords that create a misty almost nostalgic vibe that reminds one of the good ol’ days when clubs were open, floors crowded and people losing their minds over the music. The timeless cuts maneuver its audience into musical spheres, which seemingly have been forgotten over the past months but remind one of putting the sorrows aside – for the moment or time dancing. Too Close, the EP’s second track or Haider’s second approach to Deep House music (mentally) made in Britain contains everything needed to pursue the beforementioned goal. With a creaking and thriving bass line Haider paves the way for intriguing chords that keep one moving in an endless loop that is enriched with vocals after minute three luring lovers of the deeper arts even more into the track’s heart by capturing the listener’s.

Haider’s EP Dance Now, Cry Later will be released on Aus Music on November 27th, 2020.

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