DJ CHARTS Nuno Dos Santos [Something Happening Somewhere]

Utrecht (electronic) music wizard, but mostly passionate and multifaceted artist Nuno Dos Santos is ready to drop Somewhere IV, Something Happening Somewhere‘s annual compilation, which favors cuts from befriended artists and musical companions. Certainly the label boss himself contributes two tracks under his Dwaalgast moniker, with Dwaalgast meaning vagrant bird. However it’s Nuno’s first music being released in a few months and after the release of various tracks on Sweat Lodge or Just This. In order to shorten the wait until the release on SoHaSo’s the Portuguese calling Utrecht his home provides music enthusiasts and headphone-listeners with his latest top10 of favorited tracks.

  1. Impurity ‘A Hole In The Sky’ [Céad Records]
  2. John Arnold ‘We’re Not‘ [Ubiquity]
  3. Dorisburg ‘House Organ For The Lonely‘ [Phonica]
  4. Deniro ‘Zoom 303‘ [Trip Recordings]
  5. Anthony Rother ‘Our Reality’ [Psi49net]
  6. Carl Finlow ‘Syncopated Automated‘ [Avoidant]
  7. Omit Iwik & Dwaalgast ‘Fucking Oyster’ [Something Happening Somewhere]
  8. Jared Wilson ‘Seeing Is Forgetting‘ [030303 Records]
  9. Machines Of Loving Grace ‘Sometimes’ [Something Happening Somewhere]
  10. Umwelt ‘Escape The Future‘ [New Flesh Records]

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