EXCLUSIVE Farren Laen ‘A Word Spoken’ [Laen Disc]

Created in the northern hemisphere of the planet, in-between Canada and the US, New Yorker Farren Laen releases the first EP, Attention Renders Our Reality, on the newly founded imprint Laen Disc. Farren’s second label – Laen is the co-founder of 00:AM too – he’s involved with kicks off its discography with a drum beat containing out of three tracks and covering the artists mainly deep but multifacted side in (sound) details. The EP opener This World is followed by Laen’s most melodic approach on the EP: A Word Spoken. Latter starts with mumbling vocals, which sound as if they were echoing through a didgeridoo. With the vocals fading slowly in and out of the track they also serve as an introduction for the listener or rather a first glimpse of Acid-ish bleeps which in the following are alternating with (deeper) synth chords that are enriched with various effects throughout the track and are carried by a super lush bass line. A Word Spoken sounds like the perfect continuous moment put into sound sequences masterfully arranged that the track surrounds one so softly like clouds planet.

Farren Laen’s EP Attention Renders Our Reality will be released on Laen Disc on November 30th, 2020.

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