EXCLUSIVE DJ Fett Burger ‘This Game, The World’ [Mongo Fett]

Ready to drop “a deep personal trip into the different sounds“ DJ Fett Burger has produced and compiled a nine-tracker that depicts the artist’s inspiration, defining and musical preferences. Consequently Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R) is a creative work that portrays DJ Fett Burger’s approach and aspiration to combine creativeness, a love of experimentation and, certainly, his aesthetics of arranging sounds in genre-overlapping tracks in a genre-rich overall composition. The A2 from the album This Game, The World refers perfectly to the latter as the 13 minutes and 28 seconds lasting journey into sounds start of rhythmically to then give enough room to an intriguing and repetitive chord sequence, which is then enriched with another synth sequence and pads that add a specific if not to say typical Burger-esque note, namely that of rhytmical rawness or pureness and the beauty of synthetical sounding synths. However, the track’s groove is interrupted but not broken by a (glitchy) pad-sound interval that rings in the second half of the track and takes up the previously introduced rhytmic, dynamic and synth-chords to later on add ambitious Acid-bleeps that flow into those pads, the listener was introduced to after minute five. DJ Fett Burger playfully sucks the listener into the world of a massive sound creature – in a scenic manner from the THE playwright himself.

DJ Fett Burger’s album Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R) will be released on Mongo Fett on November 20th, 2020.

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