ART:CAST #98 by Fantastic Twins

She’s known for speaking through music even though her other self is a good talker too. However Julienne Dessagne, to most known as Fantastic Twins, chose the former this time and delivers the 98th episode of the art:cast series. And Julienne has to say a lot – musically. The “partly Berliner“, the other bits of her are enrooted in France and Scotland, compiled a sound composition that unites various influences and genres still remains true to one style, the Fantastic Twins vibe, namely a good portion of atmospheric freaki- and seriousness paired with genre-overlapping experiences shooting you in hyperloop-manner through her (sound)world and let you delve into a parallel universe that has yet to be discovered. Elegantly floating Julienne put pad-oriented parts, drums and vocals so smoothly together that one almost forgets those strange times we are living in as her art:cast covers all the emotions one can have.