ART:CAST #98 by Fantastic Twins

She’s known for speaking through music even though her other self is a good talker too. However Julienne Dessagne, to most known as Fantastic Twins, chose the former this time and delivers the 98th episode of the art:cast series. And Julienne has to say a lot – musically. The “partly Berliner“, the other bits of her are enrooted in France and Scotland, compiled a sound composition that unites various influences and genres still remains true to one style, the Fantastic Twins vibe, namely a good portion of atmospheric freaki- and seriousness paired with genre-overlapping experiences shooting you in hyperloop-manner through her (sound)world and let you delve into a parallel universe that has yet to be discovered. Elegantly floating Julienne put pad-oriented parts, drums and vocals so smoothly together that one almost forgets those strange times we are living in as her art:cast covers all the emotions one can have.


Cult With No Name ‘Fly on the Wall’
Sore And Steal ‘Staying Home, April 73’
Die Orangen ‘Zwei (Smagghe & Cross Remix)’
Cucina Povera & ELS ‘Silica’
Nigel Ayers ‘Without Map or Compass’
Edward Ka-Spel ‘Shall We Share Water Brother?’
Nina Simone ‘Strange Fruit (Fantastic Twins Vocal Edit)’
Snooze ‘I Wanna Be With You’
Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze ‘One’
Nurse With Wound ‘R&B Through Collis Browne’
Jack Underwood ‘Certain’
Cube 40 ‘Bad Computa (Dub Version)’
Cabaret Voltaire ‘The Power (Of Their Knowledge)’
Factory Floor ‘Two’
La Source (Ed Isar Edit)
CTI ‘Well Spring Of Life’
Future Beat Alliance ‘Birth (Fantastic Twins Remix)’
Little Annie ‘Cold World (feat. Opal Onyx)’
Crazy Girl ‘The Rebel (Gris Gris Optimo Remix)’

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