EXCLUSIVE Can Love Be Synth ‘Lemon Cake’ [Ombra International]

Hailing from Hamburg Katja Ruge and Frank Husemann better known as Can Love Be Synth deliver a jiggly Lemon Cake out of the oven that’s potentially burning its warm synth lines into any dance floor. As part of Ombra International‘s next various artist EP, which simply goes by the name of the imprint’s catalogue number 016, label head Curses selected musically noticeable cuts from artists that keep the electronic music scene either going or have shaped it in one or the other way for years. Latter, for sure, counts for Can Love Be Synth who not only release synth-driven music from time to time but also host events in and around the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and occasionally in Berlin. While Frank operates as the tech-guy Katja tosses in her creative being, which she addtionally catches up as a photographer. The result or this time’s outcome is Lemon Cake, one fifth of the big pie Curses baked and Can Love Be Synth now decorades with intriguing chords, brassy guitar riffs and trancy pads, which all together give rise to a futuristic creaking sound composition that’s floating back and forth between sacred moments and a lose-control-rock-concert right within a dark sweaty club.

Ombra International’s V/A EP 016 will be released on November 13th, 2020.

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