EXCLUSIVE Moscoman ‘Eyes Wide Strut’ feat. WOOZE (Each Other New York Mix)’ [Moshi Moshi Records]

Moscoman and his New York-mates Max Pask and Justin Strauss continue their fruitful collaboration as the latter duo, better known under their Each Other moniker, remix his tune Eyes Wide Strut from his sophomore LP Time Slips Away, which was originally out in August. Justin and Mix deliver altogether two approaches for the track, while their Each Other Remix goes into a more Disco-ish direction and musically pick-up Moscoman’s Disco Halal-sound, their New York Mix pursues a rather deep and rough direction, New York style, just as their remix title suggests, with an oldschool feel. Justin and Max’s deep chords in combination with Wooze’s vocals perfectly complement each other and create a symbiosis of warm and intriguing sounds that prompt you to dance, lyrically and musically.

Moscoman’s Time Slips Away Remixes will be released on Moshi Moshi Records October 23rd, 2020.

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