EXCLUSIVE Chino ‘Carabo Cruise’ [Uncanny Valley]

Kraków-based artist Chino takes the route via the Autostrada to fasten and intensify the Polish-German friendship and delivers Uncanny Valley‘s next EP. The follow-up of his Kolaps EP on shtum comes with four takes, all written in-between 2015 and 2020, all sounding as fresh as the Marcello Gandini designed Alfa Romeo Carabo, one of the most innovative sports cars of the 1960’s. With Carabo Cruise Chino dedicates an entire track, which is as sharp as the wedge design and the Carabo’s iridescent coloring, to the prize-winning automobile. Unsurprisingly the take has an Italo-Disco-note and combines warm chords with an industrial-influence – a similarity to cars produced in Turin, where Alfa Romeo is located. The graphic wizard and artist, Chino, sprinkles his magic on his own raw approach to come up with catchy result that has the potential to accompany its audience on several roadtrips on the Autostrada into sunnier climes.

Chino’s EP Autostrada will be released on Uncanny Valley on October 28th, 2020.

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