EXCLUSIVE Lazaros ‘Manitari’ [Feines Tier]

Blithe spirit Lazaros invites electronic music enthusiasts and followers of the arts to the Space Opera, his first EP after Symphan on Sum Over Histories in 2018. The latest three tracker on Feines Tier, a Cologne-based label run by Philipp Fein, comes with two orginals, namely Manitari and Space Opera plus a remix for the latter by Permanent Vacation head-honcho Benjamin Fröhlich turning the original to an Acid-ish take. But it is Manitari, the Greek word for mushroom or shroom, that has a story to tell – musically and apart from it. It must have been something like three years ago, when Lazaros opened the Pandora’s box, which is known to his friends as his hard disk or the place where he keeps countless unfinished tracks and ideas. Every once in a while the Rhinelander with Greek roots pays his hard disk a visit and sometimes finishes one of his ideas. After finishing Manitari, which did have a different working title at that time, he showed this hypnotic groover that effects the brain with every further chord and beat in its continuum, to Torture the Artist boss Holger Breuer, who urged him to release the track right away. However, this did not happen but in the course of the first and following chats about Manitari, Holger always referred to the track as the “Pilze“-tune – the German word for shroom – because of its impact on one’s mind and sound-composition. Lazaros adapted the name and with small changes within the track in the end called it Manitari, because “Pilze-track“ simply would not have lived up to the track’s musical standards it sets with its arrangement and sound-design. Now with the release of Manitari on Feines Tier it can finally unfold its heavy hypnotically virtue on any shroom hunter on the dance floor and around.

Lazaros’ Space Opera EP will be released on Feines Tier on October 23rd, 2020.

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