It’s only been a few weeks when Parisian artist Molly released two tracks on Fort Romeau’s and Ali Tillett’s Cin Cin label and now the recently elected Rinse FM-resident is back with new music on Torture the Artist – shining again brightly on the musical evening sky. With few but rather sophisticated releases, exemplary Molly’s EP Waves on Giegling has to be named, she returns to the spotlight with a breath-taking, (musically) in-depth art:cast that basically combines everything her tracks, namely You Shine and Mr Ro Land on Cin Cin, individually have shown. Molly’s art:cast is highly melodical and musical, forward-thinking, it captures bright and dark moments with its multi-genre approach, it’s a piece that you are soaked in or can be – not having a choice as Molly’s music is simply infectious.

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