EXCLUSIVE Barney In The Tunnel ‘Dark Stories’ [Ca$hminus]

Australian producers Tunnel Signs and Barney Kato team up for their Barney In The Tunnel project on Ca$hminus Music and provide the world with an extravagant and magnific composed musical approach that can be classified as a kiss of Disco touching down in the base of one’s deep Melodic House-mind. But however one wants to call the approach, the duo’s self-titled EP is a feast for the ears. Coming with altogether four original tracks, it’s Dark Stories that takes one on an emotional rollercoaster as the dark side always has a more interesting and intense story to tell. Musically Dark StoriesĀ works its way over into the sunlight with a chord-arrangement that is as bright as it is sweet and sweet-talks the listener’s mind to continue dancing the note-written darkly twisted story Barney and Tunnel Signs wrote in their studio and into their annual almanac.

Barney In The Tunnel’s self-titled EP will be released on Ca$hminus Music on October 23rd, 2020.

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