EXCLUSIVE All Is Well ‘LaSalle’ [Drumpoet Community]

After remixing Tom Bioly’s Drop Wet Gorgeous together with Philipp Lauer on Permanent Vacationn, All Is Well returns to the label where his Disco-House-Melo-music found its home in the first place: Drumpoet Community. The Zurich-located platform run by Alex Dallas and Ron Shiller was it, which signed All Is Well’s debut EP Fragments back in 2018 and before and inn the following of its release was strongly supported by several scene’s key players. Now the Canadian-based musician releases with LaSalle the follow-up of the aforementioned EP and provides an eagerly waiting crowd with five freshly produced tracks, that musically take the same line. The EP’s eponymous track LaSalle, has the typical All Is Well-note as hypnotic and intriguing yet highly affecting and also effective chords lure the listener into the track’s overall vibe and show right away where AIW wants to take his audience: right into a weightlessly fluffy sound-cloud.

All Is Well’s EP LaSalle will be released on Drumpoet Community on October 23rd, 2020.

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