EXCLUSIVE Far Out Radio Systems ‘Do We Have A Cosmic Connection’ [Something Happening Somewhere]

The Utrecht-Genk connection is getting tighter as Far Out Radio Systems is about to release his On Boolean Plains LP on Nuno Dos Santos’ Something Happening Somewhere label, on which the Belgian artist already dropped the impressing and heartfelt EP Cytokine Storm. Far Out Radio Systems is nobody new to the SoHaSo-family though, as Thomas Neyens, F.O.R.S. real name, has made several EP appearances on the Dutch label under his Kiani & His Legion moniker, it just happens to be that On Boolean Plains is his debut LP (on the label), excluding his mini album Lima Oscar Victor Echo, which was out in 2017. His new twelve tracker musically portrays the artist’s diversity shifting back and forth between influences and (electronic music) genres elegantly more than skilfully and taking its listeners to places to re-experience thos IDM moments from back in the days yet in an innovative way. Do We Have A Cosmic Connection has a House and percussive-note, creating, as the track title suggests, this cosmic hypnotic vibe that soaks the listener deeply into the track, onto the floor and evokes feelings of release. It’s a simplicity in its manifoldness that subtly fascinates and leaves experienced and new music-companions astonished and sympthomizes the LP’s incorporation of old and new elements and sounds to something meaningful for the future.

Far Out Radio Systems’ LP On Boolean Plains will be released on SoHaSo on October 23rd, 2020.

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