Music architect Marcin Lukaszewicz, widely known under his Das Komplex moniker, designed the latest edition of the art:cast special series and constructed a mix so well-balanced and divine that it is shelter and home at the same time. With releases on Paramida’s Love On The Rocks, Austrian label and music platform Luv Shack Records, Step Records or King Of Kong, where he released his Reverse Hallucination EP in April, the Polish artist has a selective discography with quality music to possess. For his art:cast Marcin chose what hits closest to his musical-being: mostly electronic music with a disco-esque note, a summer-ish vibe and warm synth chords to dive into like one would into the sea at a hot summer day to refresh. Maybe Das Komplex sucked up those last sun rays as dearly as one can and transported and implemented those feelings in his musical approach to ring in fall in the warmest and most beautiful way.

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