EXCLUSIVE Justin Cudmore ‘Train Dance’ [Phonica White]

Brooklyn-based artist Justin Cudmore returns to the Phonica White label with four extremly extravagant and exclusive approaches to House music that are covered on his Train Dance EP. Written and produced during a strange time with the dance floor far away from one’s imagination, the EP aims at the latter yet covers a vibe and tone that lets the listener enjoy and dive deep into its sound composition. The EP’s title track, Train Dance, is according to the artist an “ode to the urban symphony of train cars whirling past his apartment in Brooklyn“, while musically the eight minute lasting track makes its recipient move to a jacking bass line, which is enriched with intriguing chords in the high-frequencies and therefore infatute one’s sense in all possible ways. After Cudmore’s Forget It EP from 2017 for The Bunker New York, the artist makes phenomenal EP-return to the scene delivering music for the mind, body and soul instead of mediocre and repetitive bits.

Justin Cudmore’s EP Train Dance will be released (worldwide) on Phonica White on September 25th, 2020.

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