REVIEW Freek Fabricius ‘Lost My Controller’ [SoHaSo x Marguerita]

If you thought you knew what Freek Fabricius’ EP Lost My Controller sounded like, odds are you don’t. It’s a cleverly composed and presented collection of six tracks and genre boxes that could be ticked include electro, drum ’n bass, IDM (intelligent dance music, but more on that later), breakbeat, melodic techno; the list goes on, my friends. But despite its clear diversity in sound all the tracks unify through storytelling-like development and clever underlying meanings, making it a very strong first EP by 030303 label-boss and Utrecht residing Freek Fabricius.

Circling back to this IDM (an abbreviation for ‘Intelligent Dance Music’) genre; some notable artist from this musical vein include Richard D. James, otherwise known as Apex Twin, The Orb and Boards of Canada but this list is by no means exhaustive. Despite it’s classist name it simply describes music that is better suited for home listening than dancing and it originated from electronic and rave music overarching genres Techno, Acid House, Ambient music and Breakbeat but diverges from there. Freek Fabricious’ admiration and clear competence for this style of music does not go unnoticed especially on the first three tracks of this EP: Bai Bai Babi, a track where silence is almost as important as sound and whose creepy chant one can only speculate is the title, repeated; Lost My Controller that sounds like the soundtrack to someone who’s lost inside a video game; and Melancholica (Future Is Cancelledit) with a vocal sample that says ‘the future you anticipated has been cancelled’, which hits a little too close to home these days.

Now looking into the second half of this EP, these track are more traditionally dance-floor ready with their strong 4/4 time percussion but they wouldn’t be on this EP if they didn’t still have their own flare. Pigs Are Here, a cheeky, rocking track that let’s just say is a gift better left wrapped, is followed by Your Mother, a full-bodied bassy tune with soft electro melodies and snippets of Mama Anderson’s 1982 hit. And in the final minutes of our journey with Freek Fabricius we are left with the sound of rain falling, pooling and trailing down. A natural touch that blends well with the melodic and hypnotic feel of this track, ending just as strong as it started.

Freek Fabricius Lost My Controller EP was released on September 18, 2020 as a joint venture between SoHaSo x Marguerita.

Review by Tess D. Herd

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