EXCLUSIVE Molly ‘You Shine’ [Cin Cin]

With the last intense sun rays of summer 2020 Parisian artist Molly shines down on the scene with yet another deep and sophisticated sound ecstasis or in other words: two new tracks on Fort Romeau’s and Ali Tillett’s Cin Cin label. Molly, whose left her ‘rising star’ image behind as she’s delivered some oustanding releases after another peaking with her Waves EP on Giegling a while back. Now the time has finally come to welcome Molly with new music as she contributes Mr Ro Land and You Shine to the latest edition of Cin Cin’s split EP series. Both tracks highlight her preferences for deep and groovey sounds and elements provided with a touch of melodic-melancholic beauty, while You Shine‘s rays are represented by Acid bleeps infusing the spooky pads that create a mist-esque atmosphere the listener can either hide in or use as a shelter.

Molly’s and Joseph Ashworth’s split EP ReRoute/ Mr Ro Land will be released on Cin Cin on September 18th, 2020.

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