EXCLUSIVE LoSoul ‘Movespeak’ [Another Picture]

As a scene’s mainstay Peter Kremeier, better known as LoSoul, has been delivering (underground) electronic music since the 90’s and can boast releases on renowned labels such as Mule Musiq, Hypercolour, Klang Elektronik or Playhouse – on the latter he released altogether three albums. Now the artist, whose music can be described as “gripping groovy music that soothes the soul“, returns to his own imprint, Another Picture, and provides followers and enthusiasts of deep and dubby chords with an irrisistable groove on his two-tracker Placeless. The folllow-up of Sasaki Hiroaki’s EO release and DJ Honesty’s Mais Populares EP on Another Picture impresses through its precision in sound aesthetics as the almost eleven-minute lasting track Movespeak takes the listener through various stages of building and shaping a groove and keeping up the tension throughout. Fuelled with subtle dub-chords and enriched with vocals Movespeak has the momentum to surprise and coopt the listener on its side and can seemlessly be added to LoSoul’s impressive discography as the artist created a take that hits close to what the neologistic track title suggests: it movespeaks.

LoSoul’s two tracker Placeless will be released on Another Picture on September 18th, 2020.

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