ART:CAST SPECIAL by Reznik & Mikesh

Having collaborated for their The Moon Landing Was A Hoax EP on Mike Simonetti’s 2MR label a couple of months ago, Keinemusik mainstay and Riotvan companions Reznik and Mikesh team up for the next Keinemusik EP, Human Factor, and also deliver the latest episode of the art:cast special series. Besides giving us a sneak peak into their upcoming EP Mikesh and Reznik compiled and mixed the art:cast in a back to back-manner offering diverse and eclectic insights into their individual musical being as well as their mutual dealing with each other’s approach. The result is a mix that skilfully encompasses various genres and influences yet flows smoothly from start to finish as it combines, captures and portrays different moods and atmospheres. Reznik and Mikesh’s unique characteristic though is that the duo has decided to come up with a rather clubby set, which has become a 2020 curiosity if not to say rarity but just emphasizes the strive of most to go back to a time before the pandemic and dance their daily sorrows away to music that works foremost but not explicitly in this context just how Mikesh and Reznik show us.


  1. Reznik & Mikesh ‘It’s Not You It’s Me’
  2. Audio Atlas ‘TAIWAN’
  3. Eliott Litrowski ‘The Little Optimist’
  4. Altern 8 ‘E-Vapor-8’
  5. Inherit The World ‘Concrete Jungle (DJ Normal 4’s Oriental Dragon Mix)’
  6. Bjarki ‘Planet Earth Q94 (Live Edit)’
  7. Rude 66 ‘Resurrection’
  8. Das Ding ‘Take Me Away’
  9. Cindy ‘2y & 6m’
  10. Slipstream ‘Ring Ring’
  11. Space Dimension Controller ‘Emydidae’
  12. Letherette ‘Wootera’

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