EXCLUSIVE DJ Streaks ‘House Head’ [barbecue]

From England’s north, Liverpool or Merseyside county to be precises, comes one of the up- and coming House music artists of the moment, namely DJ Streaks, who delivers the fourth installment of barbecue club, uniting everything on his Greatest Love EP that the genre has to offer: lush bass lines, (deep) chords and catchy classic melodic sequences that are as intriguing as that DJ Streak’s productions have gained the support from renowned artists such as Cinthie or Roman Flügel and could easily fit Swedish super-label Studio Barnhus. House Head, one of the three original tracks on the EP, satisfies House Head’s needs with charming chords that are edited and some kind of fx filter sound is put on them that create a flanger-ish vibe althrough the track. The latter described basically sets the main groove of the track, which is partly broken up with additional tonal arrays in higher frequencies that sound like a pleasant whistling in the woods and overall create a driving melancholie with yet few and simple effects. Something that can only be done if you know your gear and what to do with it.

DJ Streaks’ Greatest Love EP will be released on barbecue on August 7th, 2020.

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