EXCLUSIVE Keope ‘Caldo Live In The Attic’ [Bigamo]

With a fresh breath of summer Aera revitalizes Keope‘s in autumn 2019 released track Caldo Live In The Attic. Ralf Schmidt, the northern German’s real name, relies on a funky bass line and an overall organic note as the original covered that vibe with the recorded instruments, but adds the rhythmical marimba sound. The latter helps to establish an almost laid-back yet forwardly going Spanish vibe – something Aera has probably absorbed with his multiple stays on the Iberican peninsular and smoothly goes with the chords of the original, which provide as the harmonic counterpart of the aforementioned instruments and sound constructs. The Marimba Edit evokes this feel-good moments in a summer that is so different from what we’ve got to known or experienced, but comes in just in time when the temperatures have started to rise and certainly will climb up thermometer a bit more with this Aera take.

Bigamo Remixed Pt. 3 was released on Bigamo Musik as a Beatport Exclusive on July 31st, 2020.

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