EXCLUSIVE New World ‘Poéme’ [Riotvan]

It’s been a moment since Markus Gebauer alias New World debuted on Riotvan with his Night Stalker EP, which featured label mainstay Jennifer Touch on the vocals. Seven years later Markus returns with a five-tracker, namely Souvenirs, containing four originals tracks and a remix from one of the producers of the moment, Juan MacLean, who took on remix duties for Enough!. The EP contains various vibes and tonalities but yet remains true to its Indie-Disco tone paired with references and elements from New Disco and New Wave put into a New World-frame. With his track Poéme Markus created a homage to French chansons and one of the EP’s (dance floor) highlights as the track comes in a sophisticated elegance evoking an infamous and seductive feel or in other words: Poéme is a Neo-Disco Chanson with a vibe and fluency as poetic as music can get when put into lines.

New World’s EP Souvenirs will be released on Riotvan on August 7th, 2020.

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