EXCLUSIVE Kimshies ‘Fucked Up Mama (Autarkic Remix)’ [Duro]

Some things just happen for a reason and in Kimshies‘ case they now got a story to tell or a little fairytale to live. Their 2004 release Chicago 72 got into the hands of a one of electronic music’s highy influental people and was used as an opener for his Cercle set and caught the public’s attention. So as a consequence Peo Watson and Bijou Williams, Kimshies’ real names, got back together in the studio and have no released several EPs on Nein Records and will make their debut on Mexican label Duro next week with their Fucked Up Mama EP. The latter comes with altogether two original tracks – besides the EP’s eponymous track there’s another original called Frizzy Pazzy – and four remixes for Fucked Up Mama. One of the remixers is Life And Death and Disco Halal mainstay Autarkic, who delivers a ‘lacer laced charmer’ that’s meant to be played out in dark and sweaty clubs for the full listening experience as outer-space lazer beat battles alternate with pauses in the shooting and thus hostage the listeners in its intriguing arrangement.

Kimshies’ EP Fucked Up Mama will be released on Duro on July 17th, 2020.

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