DJ CHARTS V [Le Temps Perdu]

Multi-talented, multi-facetted and always busy, welcome to Vidmantas ‘V’ Čepkauskas‘ world, one that revolves a lot around music as the Lithuanian pulls the strings for his own imprint Le Temps Perdu and Vilnius based legendary nightclub Opium. With releases on labels such as Correspondant, Nautilus Rising and Cin Cin, Vidmantas recently added a remix for Wraetlic’s track The Lost, which was out on Huntleys + Palmers, to his discography. Speaking of the latter, it covers merely few but meaningful releases, since Vidmantas has started to release under the V moniker in 2016 starting off with a split EP on Fort Romeau’s and Ali Tillett’s Cin Cin label. For Torture the Artist Vidmantas collected two handful of tracks he’s been enjoying mainly for homelistening pleasure.

  1. Far Out Radio Systems ‘Imagine The Sun‘ [Something Happening Somewhere]
  2. Møzaika ‘Sea Side Song‘ [Public Possession]
  3. Vague Imaginaires ‘Mais Qu’est-ce Que‘ [12th Isle]
  4. Dreems ‘Shark Water (Abyss Mix)‘ [Le Temps Perdu]
  5. Innere Tueren ‘Oberfeld (Sometimes We Escaped Into The Fields)‘ [KANN]
  6. System Olympia ‘Not Us U‘ [Huntleys + Palmers]
  7. Boof ‘Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy‘ [BubbleTease Communications]
  8. Love-Songs ‘Proxy I‘ [Bureau B]
  9. Klaus Schulze ‘Love Theme‘ [The Roundtable]
  10. Biosphere ‘Dropsonde‘ [Biosphere]

Picture by Tautvydas Stukas

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