EXCLUSIVE Dreems ‘Shark Waters (Die Orangen Remix)’ [Le Temps Perdu]

One half of Multi Culti, Dreems, leaves his home port in order to swim through Shark Waters and berth on V’s Le Temps Perdu label. The latest five tracker on the Lithuanian imprint is already the second outing of Dreems, after Charcoals in 2016, on the labels and takes the vibe from the now four year old release up but – of course – appears in a different light. For the EP’s title track Dreems teams up with Kris Baha under their Die Orangen pseudonym and deliver what they call a “groove on a sort of Shoe-Gaze-Funk-e-Industralia rendition“ or the experience of riding a cosmic wave into the blue hour … into the ocean while being chased by people in boats with carbon paddles that cut furiously yet rhytmically through it. And just when you think you’re safe a shark fin appears and the chase continues. Die Orangen re-treat of Shark Waters keeps you moving, pushes you forward, gives you rest and never lets you go – too precise or sharp are those claps as they drift over a lush bass line and float you out into the deep sea.

Dreems’ EP Shark Waters was released on Le Temps Perdu on June 12th, 2020.

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