EXCLUSIVE Massimiliano Pagliara ‘Sunset Funk’ [Uncanny Valley]

With the 7th and last installment of their musical festivities around catalogue number 50, namely Yellow, Uncanny Valley brings together a handfull of prolific producers to deliver the label’s most divine and summer-ish various artists compilation. Berlin-Italian Massimiliano Pagliara, for his part Funnovojere label head, ushers summer season with some Sunset Funk, with the tune evoking just what its track title suggests. Sunset Funk starts off with warm-pads and a breakbeat-touched bassline before a funky bass sets in, which is shortly accompanied by catchy synths as wobbling yet reluctant Acid bleeps blaze the trail but always harmonize with the track’s lead-synths. With a groove and vibe so utterly hard to resist Massi gives hooked listener a breather initiated by few reiterating chords that are set with vintage alarm-clock sounds and are conducieve to ring in the last part of the Sunset Funk, which highlights the initially introduced elements but puts more emphasize on the Acid-driven sequence as well as on the interaction of filters with the synths. Sunset Funk definitely makes the listener look out for a shady place after being exposed to those sunbeams chords and vibes.

Uncanny Valley 50: Yellow will be released on Uncanny Valley July 8th, 2020.

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