EXCLUSIVE Alf Champion ‘Parte Operantis (Mike Simonetti Remix) [2MR]

Alf Champion‘s first name does not derive from Alien Life Form but is short for Alfonso. However, Alfonso wants to be called Alf and Alf was one of the founding members of Ray Coyote, a rock band from Guadalajara in Mexico, before he chose to go solo as he focused more on electronic music. Alf’s first appearance as a solo artist was on Optimo Music and now sees him continue walking the credible path with a five tracker called Primus on Mike Simonetti‘s label 2MR. The EP comes with altogether two original tracks and is completed with three remixes as Simonetti himself took on remix duties for Parte Operantis. Mike’s remix approach takes the listener to an almost forgotten time, that of music being played in a little dark room with sweat dripping from the ceiling onto the dance floor – this experience was once called clubbing. A lush bass line wobbles through the club and is enriched with tonal changing arps and various spooky sound textures that fade in and out like a ghost hovering over the floor. Lastly Simonetti adds a slight and repetitious Acid-note to the remix that rounds off the misty enigmatic dance floor trip that we hope to re-experience one day.

Alf Champion’s EP Primus will be released on 2MR on June 12th, 2020.

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