EXCLUSIVE Matisa ‘I Need A Bit Of Poetry’ [Biologic Records]

Hailing from Florence cosmic producer Matisa only has few but quite sophisticated releases in her discography. Before taking you elsewhere the artists started her musical output on Optimo with her two tracker Organza until coming together with a bunch of other artists on Butter Sessions. Now the former Roman releases her first EP on DC Salas’ and Abstraxion’s Biologic Records, which simply goes by the name of The Elsewhere and portrays different episodes of a night (out). The EP jumpstarts with I Need A Bit Of Poetry, which is the most housey take of the three tracker. As the tracks kicks of with a simple bass line and clap, which is accompanied by a single atmosphere bringing synth, the track develops to a multi-layered House-anthem, including diverse tonal variations creating a rather profound musical piece that has, as the track title suggests, a poetic handwriting and leaves the listener with her Romans-tic approach: a classic beauty.

Matisas EP The Elsewhere will be released on Biologic Records on June 12th, 2020.

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