DJ CHARTS Curses [Ombra International]

Curses is bringing those flowers home as he delivers ten blossoming tracks for Torture the Artist. The Ombra International label head is widley known for blending New Wave and Post-Punk with hunting vocals and guitar riffs as well as maintaining a (dark) Disco vibe. With releases on Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno, Bordello A Parigi or Throne Of Blood the Berliner by choice can definitely be seen as the ambassador of the new Dark Disco musical movement that’s gaining more and more recognition. Additionaly the originally New Yorker has spoilt his audience with selective collaborations with artists such as Perel, Chinaski, Terr or Perel – just to name a few. Now Curses shares ten selected takes what he has been digging over the past weeks while being artisanal active on his balcony.

  1. Psycho Weazel ‘Alegria Nervosa (Radio Edit)’ [unknown]
  2. Joyce Muniz ‘Glass Mistress‘ [Pets Recordings]
  3. Matisa ‘The Curtain Falls’ [Biologic Records]
  4. Javi Redondo ‘Rhytmo (Lapse of Reason Remix)’ [unknown]
  5. Eliezer ‘Among Fools‘ [Days of Being Wild]
  6. Skelesys ‘Twisted Desire‘ [Ombra International]
  7. Timothy Clerkin ‘War Wolf’ [unknown]
  8. Alejandro Molinari ‘Noche De Berlin (Technobeton Remix)’ [Nein Records]
  9. ‘The Chase (Fledermaus & Isse Remix)’ [Dogs & Vultures Records]
  10. Manfredas & Fantastic Twins ‘Gimme Pizza‘ [Ransom Note Records]

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