DJ CHARTS DC Salas [Biologic Records]

Belgian mainspring Diego Cortez Salas, rather known among music passionistas under his DC Salas moniker, keeps delivering those musical goodies. After his highly recommandable and well-received five tracker The Complicated Art of Dreaming on LARJ, short for Live At Robert Johnson, the Biologic co-label head digs deep into his hard disk for his versatile DJ chart accompanying not only his last release but giving some insights what the respected artists is musically into at the moment and during these days when basically the only way to have music played to the pubic are radio shows and streams. However, Diego compiled a list of new and old, crossing genres, crossing borders, reaching souls and hearts of people, not only music enthusiasts.

  1. Aksak Maboul ‘Spleenétique’ [Crammed Discs]
  2. Javi Redondo ‘Rythmo‘ [Dischi Autunno]
  3. Tekno Master ‘Untitled‘ [Groove As You Move Records]
  4. DJ Ungel ‘Xenon‘ [candomble]
  5. Be Trance ‘Desire (2*4 Remix)‘ [Disag’n Records]
  6. Cabasa ‘XY12‘ [C12]
  7. Eliott Litrowski & Voiski ‘The Friendship Spacecake (Long Story Short Mix)’ [Cracki Records]
  8. Sound Science ‘Our Planet’
  9. Lawrence Le Doux ‘Filament’
  10. Lotte Kærså & Græsrødderne ‘Prøv og Gør Ligesom Jeg‘ [Mascot Records]

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