DJ CHARTS Donald’s House [Touch From A Distance]

Donald’s House is currently Australia’s House sensation as the brothers Peter and James Isaacs have released their music on labels like Filament or Nick Höppner’s Touch From A Distance. A few days back the duo made their first appearance on Benjamin Fröhlich’s and Tom Bioly’s Permanent Vacation as they contributed their track Everything Is Fine to the Permanent Vacation 6 compilation. And now the brothers show us their (music) digging qualities with their latest top10 going from deep to disco, from new to old-school from Robert Johnson to Planet Trip but mostly from quality music to quality music.

  1. Quakerman Turntable Turbulance [U-Star Records]
  2. Donald’s House Everything Is Fine [Permanent Vacation]
  3. Machination Hearts On Fire [White Label Records]
  4. Two Shell N35‘ [Mainframe Audio]
  5. Times 2 Set Me Free (Redzone Mix) [EMI USA]
  6. Borrowed CS Balance‘ [Planet Trip]
  7. Hame DJ Dog Swamp [Vulcan Venti]
  8. Strange Sources Edits ‘Luni (Millos Kaiser Edit) [Planet Trip
  9. Skatebard & Lauer Volpi Polari‘ [Live At Robert Johnson
  10. Tornado Wallace Start Again [CockTail d’Amore Music]

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