ART:CAST SPECIAL by Alex Kassian

Better keep an eye on Berlin-based producer Alex Kassian, who is set to jump on Paramida’s Love On The Rocks label rooster to release his debut EP. The artist, who some of you might know as one half of Opal Sunn, a project that he runs with Hiroaki OBA, has put out several pieces of work on labels such as Slowciety, Nick Höppner’s Touch From A Distance, Lemon Test or Midnight Theme with his partner in crime, while his solo releases can be narrowed down to his Hidden Tropics EP on Utopia. But as initiallly said Alex has quite some solo ambitions and new music in the pipe and making, which will shortly see the light of day. Until then Kassian provides us with a taste of what is yet to come with his art:cast approach, combining more housey and melodic tracks, old and new smoothly together to an ongoing listening pleasure with deeper aspirations. The DJ and producer surely hit the zeitgeist with this as the selected and currated music seems to create a classy almost classic (musical) statement one can hold on to these days.


  1. New Composers ‘Inside-Upside’
  2. Bliss Inc. ‘Radiant Reality’
  3. The Queen ‘Costin RP’
  4. Opal Sunn ‘Laika’
  5. Toby Tobias ‘Trippy Steve (Fantastic Man Remix)’
  6. Mike Ash ‘Birthday Nord’
  7. Freak Force ‘Transition’
  8. Qnete ‘Sand Progression’
  9. Sandoz ‘Human Spirit’
  10. Sleep D ‘Hydralite’
  11. Eris Drew ‘Trancendental Access Point’
  12. The Sabres of Paradise ‘Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)’

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