EXCLUSIVE Dominik Marz ‘Windpulver’ [Scatcity]

Known for quite some Belters, partly with long-term affiliates David Kochs or Yannick Labbé, Augsburg creative Dominik Marz makes his (solo) debut on Scatcity with his three tracker Windpulver – a German word composition consisting of the words wind and powder. The EP’s title track synonimously stands for Marz’s preference of recording catchy synth-lines and tonally play around with them until they result in a homogenous composition. In the case or track at hand Dominik even works with two different synth-lines, as the firstly introduced one seems to have the task of providing the listener with deeper keys the second synth-line throws light upon the track and creates while interacting with the track’s basis a charming atmosphere, which is hard to escape from as it’s as intriguing as the singing of the Loreley.

Dominik Marz’s EP Windpulver will be released on Scatcity on May 15th, 2020.

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