With a recent release on DC Salas’ Biologic Records as well as a contribution to Chloè’s label Lumière Noire Records Lithuanian artist Alexander Pletnev, shortly Pletnev and also known as Ponty Mython has teased his listeners with few cuts out of his record forge. The ever bustling artist seems to live music with every breat or even having a DNA that is musically encoded with further productions, mixes or DJ-sets. Before the societal shut down Alexander held regular nights at renowned electronic music Bastion Opium Club and played out with his Sinchi Collective companions in Berlin. Additionally he’s put out a remix on Pedro Martins’ and Switchdance’s label Karakter and had an EP on V’s Le Temps Perdu as well as Feines Tier. Now Pletnev follows in the footsteps of Curses delivering his version of darker electronic music with a slice of Disco, Techno and further unforseeable influences.

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