EXCLUSIVE Cowboy Rhythmbox ‘6AM Cowboy (Deviation Variation)’ [Phantasy Sound]

British “outsider-electronic duo“ Cowboy Rhythmbox return to Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound with a none-existing musical approach up to date from the cowboys Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X themselves. As Detroit producer Sharif Laffrey took on remix duties for CR’s 6AM Nathan and Richard remixed the remix of the track, expressing their appreciation of Sharif’s work. The result of the remix remix, simply called Deviation Variation, falls into the category creative remarkableness. A lush yet bouncey bass line is equipped with sharp reverbing chords and blurry synths while partly implemented filter hi-hat rides and mono-alternating vocal-snippets are swaying from left to right. The remix reaches musical exellence once the disorted and echoing chord sequence makes its appearance adding a warm vitalness to the wild west Detroit-shooting.

Cowboy Rhythmbox’s EP 6AM Cowboy is released on Phantasy Sound on April 10th, 2020.

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