EXCLUSIVE ZK Bucket ‘Ship Of Fools’ [Outcast Oddity]

Rather remaining in the background and have his music do the real talking, it’s ZAUN label-head ZK Bucket who returns for his third installment Ship Of Fools to Outcast Oddity. The title track depicts a mental joyride through sinusoidal tones and bleeps with tinny and brazen soundscapes all riding a housey bass line or in other words, Ship Of Fools puts paddle strokes rhythmically and instructionally into shape, visualizing a dark hull filled with dozens of people musically, artistically. ZK Bucket manages to create musical moving paintings with his tracks manifesting profound messages or visuals in his audience’s mind and implementing the dark dance gene.

ZK Bucket’s EP Ship Of Fools will be released on Outcast Oddity on April 10th, 2020.

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